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The Perfect Nova Scotia Smile is Possible

Orthodontic therapy is not just about having a straighter smile. It’s managing the way your bite works and ensuring all your teeth have enough room. Crooked teeth are harder to keep clean, as getting between them to remove debris can be more difficult. At Park Street Dental Clinic, we have a variety of orthodontic treatments for patients of all ages, and we provide discreet, comfortable options whenever available.


If you want a straighter smile but don’t want anyone to know, Invisalign clear aligners are perfect! This virtually undetectable straightening system consists of a series of comfortable plastic aligners that gently reposition your teeth over time.

The aligners are removable, so you can eat, drink and brush like you’re used to, and you’ll switch aligners to the next in the series every two weeks. Our iTero digital scanner ensures accurate impressions, so we can formulate a precise treatment plan. Get the perfect smile you’ve always wanted with simple and discreet Invisalign adult orthodontics.

Traditional Orthodontics

We take traditional orthodontics to the next level by offering Smile self-ligating braces. These revolutionary orthodontics eliminate the need for elastic bands, which require more maintenance and dental visits. The system uses light, biologically-sensible forces and creates an even, improved facial aesthetic for our patients, as the treatment doesn’t require removal of healthy teeth or expanders.

We use ceramic brackets, which are durable and resist staining. Ceramic brackets are less noticeable than metal and tend to “blend” with the natural teeth. This clinically proven approach to straightening your smile is quicker than traditional metal and elastic bracket systems, and with less friction and pressure, are often more comfortable.

Palatal Expanders

Sometimes, children experience a disconnect in the way the upper and lower jaw fit together. We may recommend a palatal expander, which widens the jaw progressively over time. Though it’s most commonly used in children, adults can achieve successful expansion, too.

There may also be cases where it’s beneficial to expand the lower palate. Generally, we’ll recommend a palatal expander for patients with crossbites, overcrowding, or malocclusion.

Preventive Orthodontics

As children’s teeth develop, part of our preventive approach to dentistry includes monitoring occlusion and orthodontic issues. The earlier we intervene, the better your child’s smile, both immediately and for future oral health.

Preventive orthodontics can create room for erupting teeth that appear overcrowded, reduce future treatment time with braces, and correct bite problems that can cause excess wear.

TMJ Treatment

We provide orthodontic appliances to help treat the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder. Find out more about how orthodontic treatment can benefit patients who suffer from TMJ by visiting our TMJ treatment page.