Coldbrook Dental Services

Healthy and Happy Smiles in Coldbrook Come From Comprehensive Care

At Park Street Dental, you don’t have to choose between your best-looking smile or your healthiest smile. That’s because we offer fully comprehensive dental care in one single and convenient location. You can get the cosmetic dentistry you need to make your smile picture-perfect, AND the restorative dental care that keeps it functioning. Then, once you’ve gotten your smile exactly where you want it, our general and preventive dentistry protects and maintains your smile for a lifetime.

Even though we offer a wide variety of dental services, we’re a “no pressure” office. We won’t make you feel forced to have specific treatments or try to upsell you on expensive services. Instead, you’ll feel confident in the care we provide, as we empower you to take an active role in keeping your whole mouth healthy. Since we build an individual, personal relationship with you, we know exactly which services will best suit your smile.

See how Park Street Dental is bringing complete modern dentistry to patients in Nova Scotia. We proudly deliver a variety of services to patients in Annapolis Valley, Wolfville, New Minas, Berwick, and Coldbrook.

Missing Teeth?

Ask us about our many options for replacing missing teeth. Dr. Archibald places and restores dental implants, giving you the most natural-looking smile possible while improving your oral health.

Pain in Your Neck and Jaw?

You may be suffering from TMJ disorder. See how our oral appliances can eliminate stress on your jaw joint and alleviate painful symptoms.

Misaligned Teeth?

Our orthodontic services straighten and correct misaligned teeth. We have several different options to serve your specific smile.

Discover what truly comprehensive dental care looks like. Park Street Dental has the advanced dentistry you’d see in a big city, with the trust and loyalty of a small-town relationship. It’s comfort and convenience for each and every one of our patients. We’re here for your smile!

Trouble Sleeping?

Tired of hearing your partner complain about your snoring? Did you know Dr. Archibald and Park Street Dental provide oral appliances to treat obstructive sleep apnea? Ask us if this treatment is right for you!

Ongoing Discomfort or Unwanted Wrinkles?

Diminish your painful headaches and facial lines with Dysport — a discreet botulinum injection. Dr. Archibald successfully reduces facial wrinkles to boost your cosmetic dental enhancements. Dysport patients also struggle less with TMJ pain, grinding issues, or muscular problems.

Therapeutic and Cosmetic Injections

Bruxing or grinding your teeth can be painful, so can the thought of aging. The secret to relief is with innovative Dysport® injections! Powerful Botulinum Toxin Type A (BoNitA) soothes aching jaw muscles and erases lines, enhancing your cosmetic dentistry transformation.